About Us

What you need to know about us is that 420 Mary Joint USA is an online medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. We are out to help marijuana lovers and patients gets exactly what they are looking for at good prices.

Cannabis or Marijuana or Weed or Ganja is famous historically to mean ” Healing Plant”. It is exactly what 420 Mary Joint USA Marijuana Dispensary US provides to its customers and patients.

Our Mission

Providing customers with top shelf marijuana flowers and pure cannabis products for their happiness, experience and satisfaction is our top objective. In addition, due to the insecurity and unreliabilty of ordering online, marijuana lovers will like to try the site to see if they are legit. They do so by trying to get a smaller quantity first. Then placing orders in large quantities later.

So therefore, we have taken the liberty to help reduce this issue. We offer customers variety of our products in smaller quantities and affordable prices. Like we have a quarter (1/4) ounce, half (1/2) ounce and one (1) ounce.

Moreover, we have make it our mission to also carry out research in cannabinoids. This is an effort to help in the fight of health conditions. (Cancer, PTSD, HIV/AIDS, Stress, Chronic Pains, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety just to name a few). We are also happy and ready to help make recommendations for customers who don’t know which product to take for the above mention health conditions and the dose they have to consume. 

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About Us

Our Products

We want to be the number one leader in the online sale of marijuana and it’s related products. From weed strains (Hybrid, Indica and Sativa), vape cartridges (CBD, THC, Delta 8 & 9, Live Resin, Disposables vape pods). We also provide full spectrum CBD Oil Tincture for non smokers, non vapers or those who don’t eat cannabis. Our marijuana edibles include beverages, brownies, cookies, chocolates and gummies that are either CBD, THC or Delta infused. 100% purely extracted cannabis concentrates (from Budder, Hashish, Kief, Live Resin and Shatter).  edibles, and all cannabis products.



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