How To Order

The process or procedures on how to order from us are simple and easy though a bit long. But it is just some few clicks.

  1. Hover over our shop page to see our product categories.
  2. Select the category you are interested in or simply click on the shop page to see all our products in our categories.
  3. Click on the product you are interested in
  4. Choose the ounce you want for our strains
  5. Next choose the quantity you will like to order
  6. Click on add to cart
  7. After selecting and adding all the products you will like to order, click on VIEW CART
  8. Next click on proceed to checkout
  9. Next select the payment method available which for now we accept just cryptocurrency
  10. Next fill in your billing details
  11. After filling in your billing details, click on pace order and your order will be placed
  12. After receiving the email, proceed to make the payment and forward us a screenshot or photo of the receipt.

Note: We will only process and proceed with any order only after when payment has been received and confirmed.


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