Astro Quads Live Resin USA



Astro Quads Live Resin USA

This marijuana concentrate is produce with premium BC derived materials to ensure fresh and high quality. Astro Quads 1 gram live resin is available in several strains for you to choose from. Order Astro Quads Live Resin USA

Each package contains 1 full gram of live resin and is NOT contaminated by any preservatives or additives. This is done to ensure that you get the premium quality that you deserve.


  • AK-47 (Hybrid)
  • Animal Face (Sativa)
  • Blue Sunset (Hybrid)
  • G-Wiz (Sativa)
  • Gelato 33 (Hybrid)
  • Glookies (Indica)
  • Mac-1 (Hybrid)


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