Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil USA



Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil USA

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil USA offers the highest concentration of CBD per mL. This extract is ideal for those who want to step up their CBD supplement routine. Featuring a full-spectrum hemp extract with a variety of phytocannabinoids, this is well-suited for those who are already familiar with CBD and are ready for the next step. Available in Mint Chocolate, Lemon Twist and Orange Blossom.

The overall sense of calm and relief that this products provide are another benefit that could potentially aid in better sleep. 100% CO2 extracted formulation containing our highest available level of CBD.

Extraction type: CO2 extraction. This is a very environmentally friendly process. The extraction agent in the supercritical CO2 extraction process is carbon dioxide. This process is clean, safe and leaves no negative impact on the environment.

Suggested Use

  • Consistency, as with any CBD supplement, is key for success.
  • Sensitive to flavours? Feel free to mix your oil into your favourite food or drink.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • This 30mL bottle contains 30 1mL servings or 60 .5mL servings. The dropper on all 30mL bottles holds .5mL of CBD oil
  • Dropper use: Gently squeeze the rubber end and release. The dropper will be half full which indicates a “full dropper”. (Oil will not fill the entire dropper)



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