GreenDot Black Label Live Resin Cart



GreenDot Black Label Live Resin Cart

GreenDot Black Label Live Resin Cart. Black Label Full Spectrum Extract (FSE) Cartridges make it easy to enjoy the wellness benefits and distinctive flavors that have made Black Label Colorado’s most coveted line of concentrates.

Our convenient, low-profile vaporizer pen invites medical patients and adult-use consumers of all experience levels to enjoy the widest selection of single-source, single-strain full spectrum cartridges available anywhere.

Black Label Live Resin Cartridges contain pure, uncut live resin extracted from whole plants grown at our Boulder facility. Featuring the native cannabinoid and terpene ratios of dozens of exotic varietals from our library of exclusive and proprietary Black Label genetics, Black Label Live Resin Carts offer a pure, vividly flavorful dab – on the go.


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