Jetty Extracts Reserve Cartridges USA



Jetty Extracts Reserve Cartridges USA

Jetty Extracts Reserve Cartridges USA comes in the following strain

J.E X Doug’s Varin: A high THC-V oil like no other. Doug’s Varin makes exceptionally high concentrations of this rare cannabinoid that’s highly search after for its unique, uplifting effects. 

African Queen: Blue River applies pioneering solvent-less terpene extraction to preserve the delicate and complex soul of African Queen. An old-school exotic we like for its prominent cannabis essential oil profile. 

Delta 8: Delta 8 barely exists. The result of a complex cannabinoid conversion process, Delta 8 is prize for unique effects that no other cannabinoid can produce. 

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Jetty Ex. Res

African Queen, Delta 8, Doug's Varin


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