Jetty Unrefined Live Resin Pax Era Pods



Jetty Unrefined Live Resin Pax Era Pods

Jetty Unrefined Live Resin Pax Era Pods

Black Lime: This one comes to us from a small grower in Mendo who has been at it for decades. Definitely a peppery profile but the ‘Lime Rind’ is also a powerful scent zone. There’s something really special about this one’s Indica potency meets Haze euphoria.

Cuvée Cookies: This Live Resin hits hard. It’s the spicy, earthy, pine flavors you get from a traditional G.S.C. but the Cuvée cross brings in some sweeter lemon and cherry notes that make this strain unique.

G4 OG: We love the strong sedative effect and nice skunky notes coming from the G-13, combined with sweet citrus and pine notes from the Chem 4 OG. This batch made some beautiful terp-heavy concentrate which means tons of flavor and complexity!

Zebra: The best of both worlds: Zebra is a cross between a pure Afghan indica and a pure Thai sativa. With fruity lemon and subtle plum notes, it’s a euphoric yet hazy experience that’s perfect for daytime stress relief. It made us want to put down the phone and pick up the guitar. A smile-filled, creative afternoon for sure

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Jetty Ex. ULRPE

Black Lime, Cuvee Cookies, G4 OG, Zebra


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