STIIIZY Cannabis Derived Terpenes Pod



STIIIZY Cannabis Derived Terpenes Pod

STIIIZY Cannabis Derived Terpenes Pod. Extracted directly from local single-sourced cannabis plants, this Cannabis Derived Terpenes preserve the natural terpene profile of each flower strain to deliver optimum synergy in both flavor and potency.

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Berry Blast, Biscotti, Chemdawg, Cherry Mints, Cookies & Cream, Diamond OG, Dosi-Punch, Gelato, GMO Cookies, Grape Sorbet, Incredible Hulk, Jack Herer, LA Confidential, LA Kush Cake, Lemon Drop, Lemon OG, OG Kush, Pink Lemonade, Sour Cookies, Sour Diesel, Super Green Crack, Wedding Cake, Zkittlez


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