Wink Vape Cartridge USA



Wink Vape Cartridge USA

Wink Vape Cartridge USA

* Disposable vapor cartridges are effective, safe + lab tested. 

* This vape cartridge is filled with the finest quality hemp oil infused with all natural terpenes

* Designed to be enjoyed, then tossed.  

* Created for Women by Women in 2015, WINK crafts superior skincare + vapor + wellness products that ease the mental, emotional and physical side effects of female-specific conditions.

* Best CBD full-spectrum CBD vape cartridge on the market.

*Lab tested for purity and potency.

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Birthday Cake, Bubblewish, Cupcake, Grape Phoria, GSC, Sour Diesel, Strawberry, Tahoe OG, Tangiebright, Watermelon


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